Tips in cutting glass tile using Gilatools Super Sharp Glass Blades

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Do you have guts in cutting or drilling like a pro – I mean a real professional cutting results using diamond core bit drills, as well as cutting tiles by some sort of high quality cutting products such as diamond blade or saw blades? Well it’s easy to imagine but definitely hard engaging it with reality. Cutting or drilling concretes is not that easy since:

Cutting like Pro is definitely not likely for all enthusiasts. You might need to learn more about the types of techniques in cutting before proceeding to do-it-yourself project.

Failure in cutting or drilling may result to a total damage of your concretes such as glass for windows and tiles as well as the tools like core bits which is in fact, very expensive. So that means handling the drilling project properly is as well important.

After analyzing the possible problems above about drilling, one common stance stand out – Proper techniques in drilling. The answers in just a mouse away – Google it! So here’s definitely an example of drilling tile using wet saw blades.

A short video I found in

Instruction video on how to cut glass tile by using a Super Sharp Glass Blades diamond blade on wet tile saw. Please follow the steps below accordingly.

1. Ensure the glass tile blade is secured on the wet saw properly.

2. Ensure the water is coming out from the water sprayer or reservoir.

3. Face the back side up when cutting; be sure to press the glass tile slowly, lightly and steadily.

4. Allow the diamond blade to do the work.

5. Avoid adding stress to the last portion of the cut by cutting slowly.

"Pro Cutter Tip: For extra prevention of chipped edges, cut halfway through the width of the glass tile/mosaic on one side, then turn it over and cut the rest of the way through the glass..."

That’s all and hope that you learn something about how the pro do it in cutting glass smoothly. Ciao!

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